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Carrie Kirkpatrick has been a photographer and film maker for many years. Her career started with music videos and commercials where she was trained by the visionary director, Tony Kaye. She went on to win awards for her commercial for a women's charity working in war torn Bosnia, before moving onto the BBC and factual programme making. Her ability to shoot as well as direct was an asset from the start and her photographic slkills set her in good stead fas a freelance television producer / director.

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Carrie has always enjoyed expressing her visual style and often uses the medium of photography as a way to develop projects and ideas before taking them to television. Her series of evocative Vampire photographs in the 1990s opened the door to a fantastical realm of magic and mystery that were soon to capture Carrie's imagination and heart.

Live Action Role Playing saw Carrie encountering weird and wonderful characters, some human, some not, all dewelling within a fantasy world and coming to life at night around campfires and in woodland. Her love of interacting with and getting to know these characters, led her to develop her style of shooting in extremely low light conditions, using only candleight or moonlight to illuminate her subjects and acheiving surreal and enigmatic effects.


Portraiture has always been one of Carrie's favourite areas of photogrpahy as she loves to connect with her subjects and uses her intuitive skills to put them at ease and bring out the best in them.


Carrie can bring a combination of stylish photography and reportage to a wedding shoot, ensuring a mix of traditional group shots and atmospheric natural shots.

Carrie continues to develop and produce television programmes through her production company Divine Media and is also the Director and Editor of Psychic Oracle and Psychic Oracle Magazine, an exclusive online psychic boutique. Carrie is a published author and well known international psychic, having appeared on television and in the press for many years.

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